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Reading: Isolated otosyphilis; a case report


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Isolated otosyphilis; a case report


D.P.K. Weerasinghe ,

Senior Registrar, National STD/AIDS Control Programme, No.29, De Saram Place, Colombo 10, LK
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K. Buddhakorala

Consultant Venereologist, Dr Neville Fernando Hospital, LK
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Syphilis is a systemic disease and its presentations can be altered with wide use of antibiotics and HIV co-infection, particularly neurosyphilis. Involvement of eighth cranial nerve is recognized as a part of meningeal involvement as well as an isolated phenomenon. Isolated otosyphilis is potentially reversible with early antibiotic treatment. Clinician should suspect otosyphilis in the presence of vestibular cochlear involvement in patients with syphilis.

The definite diagnosis of isolated otosyphilis is challenging and it should be made on the basis of a typical clinical presentation and positive serological test results for syphilis. Over diagnosis is justifiable as this is a potentially reversible cause of hearing loss with early treatment.

Sri Lanka Journal of Sexual Health and HIV Medicine Vol.1 2015: 41-43

How to Cite: Weerasinghe, D.P.K. and Buddhakorala, K., 2016. Isolated otosyphilis; a case report. Sri Lanka Journal of Sexual Health and HIV Medicine, 1, pp.41–43. DOI:
Published on 17 Feb 2016.
Peer Reviewed


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